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Modern Interior Design exudes timelessness and elegance, with a recurring theme of darker colours and clean lines, it can be luxurious and yet give a comfortable and cozy vibe. The flexibility and variance in modern interior design is one of the main reasons for its popularity, giving you the freedom to explore and be creative with your interior ideas.

Even though the word modern might seem like a generic umbrella term for current cookie-cutter interior design ideas, how you decide to implement it can make it more personable to you. Creative furnishings such as large abstract cubism or fauvism art pieces, elements of industrial themes, varying shades of grey highlighted with pops of bright colours such as red, blue or even green all complement modern interior design beautifully.


Aesthetics: Clean Lines, Minimal Decor, Wood, Concrete and Silver Metal Textures

Colour Palette: Varying Shades of Greys, Minimally Accented Darker Tones such as Sienna Brown or Forest Green

Decor Details: Abstract Art Pieces, Minimal Clean Line Furniture, Grid Window Frames, Glass Tables/CounterTops

Common Materials: Natural materials, Wood, Leather, Metal and Glass


Modern Living Room

A modern living room is instantly noticeable by its clean lines and the aesthetic of luxury it brings. It is easy on the eyes due to its inspiration from minimalism. Yet refreshing due to the emphasis on using different textures throughout each surface. 


Living room with Clean Modern Interior (Credit: home-designing.com)

Marble Textured Wall Backdrop Modern Interior (Credit: freepik.com)


Modern Living Room with Brick Textured Walls and Warm Accents (Credit: home-designing.com)

Modern Living Room Incorporating a Scandinavian Aesthetic (Credit: newdecortrends.com)

Feature wall using vertical wooden planks give the illusion of added space  (Credit: newdecortrends.com)

Living room with Clean Modern Interior (Credit: home-designing.com)


Modern Living room with Rugged, Clean Decor (Credit: newdecortrends.com)

Modern Minimalist Interior with Industrial Aesthetic (Credit: newdecortrends.com)

White Modern Interior with Elements of Varying Textures (Credit: newdecortrends.com)

Muji Style Modern Interior with Minimalistic Decor (Credit: buildehome.com)

Modern Porch Area with Clean Lines (Credit: home-designing.com)

Minimalistic Modern and Spacious Interior (Credit: freepik.com)

Clean White Living Room (Credit: pinterest.com)

Matching Sofa and Stools with metal frames exude modernness (Credit: wildcountryfineart.com)

Wood elements are used sparingly to help highlight the decor (Credit: idesignarch.com)

This grunge dark island provides a sleek feel to the kitchen (Credit: thespruce.com)

 Bedroom Interior (Credit: houzz.com)

 Wooden plank walls here help accentuate the horizontal lines of the decor, with the unique floor rug bringing the focus back to the center of the room, the bed. Minimal decor is tasteful here. The perfect place for you to rest and relax!

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