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Workout and Hobby Room Ideas have always been deemed to be more of a luxury due to the need of having a room to spare, which is uncommon for most.

This is why it can be smart for us to start re-thinking our living spaces and transforming them into the perfect workout or hobby space we always wanted. Here are some Room Workout and Hobby Ideas that we have handpicked for you to garner inspiration, varying from modern to scandinavian themes. 

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Room Workout Corners

With the ongoing pandemic situation, many have started to buy workout equipment to continue healthy living from the comfort of home. The implementation of such equipment however can look awkward or out of place if randomly located around the house.

The following Room Workout and Hobby rooms are some of the ways you can incorporate your workout equipment into the themes of your homes. It transforms your space to be personable to you, while still being practical for use.

Smart Use of Cabinet Space for a Full Workout Equipment Set (Credit: wallpaper.com)

The use of a sliding door also helps so that it does not take up space when the door is open. (Credit: onethreedesign.ca)

The use of Vertical Gym Equipment can help save space (Credit: pinterest.com)

Instead of using a spare room, make use of your balcony space and transform it into a perfect workout area (Credit: pinterest.com)

This exercise bike paired with big and varied fauna fits right into this Muji themed space (Credit: modishandmain.com)

This small guest room has been transformed into an industrial themed gym room.

The black painted brick wall and chalkboard frames add a industrial, grunge aesthetic that can inspire you to get your next workout in (Credit: decoratedlife.com)

A punching bag hooked to the ceiling is also an alternative way of exercise that does not take up too much space (Credit: marriot.com)

These wooden/brass/marble themed weights are perfect to mix and match according to your home theme (Credit: giorgettimeda.com)


Hobby Rooms/Corners

Another use of space in your home can be transforming it to become a hobby/game area.

After a long day at work or school , it is nice to have a place to unwind and relax as well as serving the ideal place for friends and family to gather. Here are some examples of hobby/game areas from big entertainment rooms to small hobby corners.

This entertainment room incorporates a wooden foosball table that fits perfectly into its Scandinavian theme (Credit: houzz.com)

This full length cabinet is purposed for all sorts of board games and can be easily disguised with side curtains (Credit: pinterest.com)

This modern table tennis top with wooden angled legs blends beautifully into the flooring (Credit: housebeautiful.com)

Spice up the games room with many different image frames to give it a retro/diner look (Credit: bennettlerneinteriors.com)

Even a small corner space in the living room can be repurposed with a sleek wooden table for your weekend chess games (Credit: hunker.com)

The use of pegboards allow you to hang all your hobby items in a neat and compartmentalised way.

The example shown here of a blue pegboard adds a splash of colour to this hobby corner (Credit: bhg.com)


Clean white cabinets complement this brown interior for a fresh hobby room look (Credit: houzz.com)

Another way to use pegboards to complement an interior, paired with multiple levels of shelves for ample space (Credit: toptablesettings.blogspot.com)

This is a design we love! An extremely creative wardrobe space transformed into a gift wrap and DIY hobby corner (Credit: pinterest.com)

This window nook paired with a home office is a space for both work and relaxation (Credit: lookboxliving.com.sg)

This hobby room stays practical while sticking to the minimalistic, clean theme of the room.

With its use of wood in the tabletop, stool and brown pegboard come together so well (Credit: decoist.com)

With the rising popularity of rooms designed for productivity and work, hobby/gym rooms have become an essential room for many. One popular interior style that is often paired with productivity or hobby rooms is Industrial Interior Style. Check out our blogpost on Industrial Interior Design to get inspired!

For more tips and design ideas, we recommend this article.

If you need more design inspirations, view our past projects.

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