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Industrial Interior Design has become an extremely popular interior design style for its ability to make an interior look uniquely raw and simplistic. The use of materials such as exposed bricks, grunge textures, utilitarian objects and wood or metal surfaces gives a “warehouse” or “unfinished” look. Even though it may seem like an unorthodox design choice, many design enthusiasts have been incorporating industrial elements in their interior to add contrast. Vintage furniture in the form of wooden chairs, metal cabinets are also a welcome addition to complement the industrial aesthetic. 

Many people are leaning towards this aesthetic because it does not force them to overthink, to embrace the rawness and roughness of the materials used as they are. The juxtaposition of modern versus timeworn makes for a great, layered and considered statement.


Aesthetics: Exposed Bricks, Industrial Pipes, Wood and Metal, Grunge Concrete Textures

Colour Palette: Neutral Color Palette, White, Contrasting Light and Dark Grays, Black, Chrome Silver, Dark Oak Brown

Textures: Rough, Grunge, Polished Metal Surfaces

Decor Details: Industrial Pipes, Vintage Wooden Furniture, Metal Structures, Sculptures, Industrial Light Bulbs

Common Materials: Ceramic Concrete, Stainless Steel, Wood, Aluminium, Copper


Industrial Living Room

An industrial aesthetic brings a feeling of warmth and coziness that is easy on the eyes, the perfect place to kick it back with your buddies. The living room can be decorated to become a lounge. Mix in the use of industrial metal lights, a concrete backsplash/kitchen top, large fur rug as well as statement pieces such as a tribal engraved coffee table helps complete the look. 

Living room with an Industrial Interior (Credit: home-designing.com)

Hallway with an Industrial Interior (Credit: architizer.com)

Industrial Design Living Room (Credit: architizer.com)

Industrial Dining Area

The use of stainless steel fixtures, clean lines from the use of metallic lights, pipes and glass panes with a full grey brick wall complete this amazing industrial aesthetic for a dining area.

Industrial Interior Open Concept Dining Area (Credit: home-designing.com)

Industrial Kitchen

Modern Industrial Kitchen Interior (Credit: architizer.com)

Concrete Island Industrial Kitchen Design (Credit: home-designing.com)

Industrial Bedroom


A Modern wooden interior paired with a grunge concrete wall for an industrial interior bedroom. (Credit: architizer.com)

A minimalist industrial bedroom (Credit: home-designing.com)

The addition of a black hanging chair is a nice touch to this dark industrial bedroom (Credit: home-designing.com)

Industrial Bathroom

The use of red tiles here adds a splash of life and personality to this industrial bathroom (Credit: https://www.3dmstudio.eu)


Different layouts of Industrial Interior Bathroom Designs (Credit: architizer.com)

Industrial Home Office/Study Area

An industrial Office/Study Area that uses varying shades of grey to achieve a neutral, relaxing interior. (Credit: home-designing.com)

Textured rugs works well and can tie the whole room together when added to any industrial interior. 

If you are looking for a brighter interior that still favors natural materials, especially pale woods like ash and beech, check out our blogpost on scandinavian design!

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